Exterior stain on a private home in Ontario.

9 Tips for Successfully Finishing Siding

Sansin’s SDF and ENS Naturals Topcoat were selected to protect and beautify this Douglas Fir exterior delivering a warm, rich hue

It may seem daunting to take on a wood protection project for your siding or shingles, but it doesn’t have to be. Penetrating, water-borne formulations sink deep into the wood to offer superior protection against UV exposure and weather elements, while also being easy to apply and maintain. It’s a win-win for wood finishers.

Sansin – the only wood protection company focused exclusively on researching and developing environmentally-friendly, water-borne interior and exterior wood products and technologies that deliver outstanding color, durability and performance without the toxicity found in conventional stains – offers these nine tips to easily protect and beatify your siding.

Tip 1: Set aside the appropriate amount of time. You will want to allow two to three days for the project.

Tip 2: Watch the weather. A dry, overcast day is best for an exterior coating project. It’s never a good idea to apply finish in direct, hot sun.

Tip 3: Test the color on a small section of your wood before launching into the entire project so you get the look you want.

Tip 4: Prep the wood. Make sure it’s clean and dry. Also, sand any smooth wood surfaces thoroughly with 60-80 grit paper.

Tip 5: Prepare for product application by taping around your trim and windows. Remove all the hardware. Cover any vegetation around the area you’re coating.

Tip 6: Stir the product well before applying and make sure there are no solids left on your stirstick.

Tip 7: Using a garden pump sprayer is the fastest, easiest way to evenly apply the product.

Tip 8: You’ll need a high-quality brush to back-brush and handle any runs that develop as you are spraying the surface.

Tip 9: Using a slightly upward angle, apply the product to the point of refusal, working sectionby-section and applying from bottom to top. Brush away any product drips or runs.

This article was written by Sjoerd Bos, Managing Director at Sansin. To learn, watch this helpful how-to video here.

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