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Speciality Shapes

Speciality Shapes

We know every home has exceptions, and we are prepared for custom shaped window treatments.

The experts at Grauer’s Paint and Decorating have yet to find a specialty window they can’t cover with a beautiful and functional Hunter Douglas window treatments.

The staff were very attentive and helpful from concept to completion. They genuinely care about your satisfaction, which is hard to come by.
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We are experts at speciality shapes.

Find the perfect fit. Literally.

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Common in contemporary homes, angled windows bring up some unique challenges in providing privacy and light control and keeping your home energy efficient. Hunter Douglas has taken on these challenges, offering you a wide selection of products that help to enhance the beauty of your angled windows whether the shade is open or closed. Angled windows come in many variations including right triangles, isosceles triangles and top/bottom sloped windows.


One of the most common types of specialty window, arches add charm and character to your house but can also offer a particular set of challenges when it comes to privacy and light control. Window are the perfect answer these challenges with a variety of different options, allowing for a broad range of light-filtering and privacy possibilities. Arches can come in many different sizes and go by many different names including stationary, extended, half circle, quarter circle, eyebrow and Gothic styles.


Trapezoidal or tapered side, windows come in many different configurations and angles. These windows consist of four sides with only one pair of parallel sides. Speak with a Grauer’s Specialist for help covering trapezoidal-shaped windows.

Circles, Ovals, Hexagons, Octagons

While unique window shapes such as circles, ovals, hexagons or octagons are not as common as other specialty window shapes. We have a range of Hunter Douglas products to cover these unique window applications.

Bay & Corner Windows

Window treatments for bay windows and corner windows are usually standard rectangular window installations. Panels are independent of one another, and minimums and maximums apply to each panel. Virtually all Hunter Douglas blinds are a perfect solution for your bay or corner window.

Patio & Sliding Glass Doors

While virtually any Hunter Douglas window fashion can be ordered to cover a traditional patio or sliding glass door. Vertical Blinds are best suited for large expanses of glass simply because they move horizontally, making them easier to operate in these types of applications. Products that raise and lower can be heavy and comparatively difficult to lift. Talk with a Grauer’s Specialist to determine which product is right for you.

French Doors

Any Hunter Douglas or custom window treatment can cover a French door, but keep in mind that the product is typically mounted “outside” of the opening beyond the glass frame, which may require the use of extension brackets for proper clearance. French doors are distinguishable because both sides open as opposed to only one. Also note that in most cases a “cut-out” for your French Door window treatment will be required to clear the door handle or knob.


Cut-outs provide an opportunity to cover windows with unique architectural elements and are suggested for clearance around obstructions such as door handles, window cranks, and window air conditioners.


Skylights provide rooms with a brighter, more open and airy feeling often not possible with standard windows. However, skylights also have the potential to allow sunlight in that can often overheat your rooms and fade carpets, furniture and more. Hunter Douglas has designed several products to fit your Skylight perfectly. When purchasing this treatment consider how you plan on opperating the window covering – PowerView® Automation is an excellent option.


Sidelights are typically found on the side of front doors and can be a perfect solution for a narrow hard-to-cover window. Grauers has the perfect solution with several Hunter Douglas options, custom sheers, and more. Things to consider – Do you want the shade operable or set position? What type of privacy are you looking for?

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