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Quality stains for your woodwork


For Stunning Results, Start With Wood Stains & Expert Advice From Grauer’s.

Whether you’re a professional contractor or the average DIY (do-it-yourself) weekend warrior, every wood-staining project will go faster and easier when you start with quality wood staining products and expert advice from Grauer’s Paint and Decorating. We’ll help you find all the right tools for staining your various wood surfaces so you can get it done right the first time. We can even help you match existing stains so your new projects blend in perfectly.


In-store color consultations are available by appointment. Contact us today! We are happy to assist you to find the right product for your project.

Grauers is awesome. They helped us choose polyurathane for our 150 year old wood floors and they turned out great! We couldn’t be happier… Highly recommend!
— Tiffany W., Google Review

Woodstain Product Details

Benjamin Moore ARBORCOAT® Exterior Wood Stain

With advanced waterborne technology, Benjamin Moore ARBORCOAT finishes are easy to apply and offer superior protection while enhancing the texture and grain of exterior wood surfaces. Arborcoat is available in a wide variety of opacities and colors to give a beautiful finish to you deck, siding & more.

  • Engineered for superior durability and protection
  • Outperforms the best alkyd stains on the market
  • Low maintenance, looks great for years
  • Waterborne Technology makes ARBORCOAT easy to apply, easy to clean up and easy on the environment
  • Excellent choice for decks, siding, fences or any exterior wood surfaces
  • Easy soap and water clean up

Degrees of Opacity

  • Natural/translucent– Allows the full beauty of the wood to show through
  • Transparent– Tints the wood with color, allowing the grain and texture of the wood to show through
  • Semi transparent– Enhances the beauty of the wood with color, while allowing some of the grain and texture to show through
  • Semi solid– Colors the wood while allowing some of the grain and texture to show through
  • Solid– Opaque color masks the grain but allows the texture of the wood to show through

Sansin Wood Stains

As a world leader, Sansin has been providing its customers with quality water-borne and environmentally-friendly wood protection since 1986.

We carry the fully line of Sansin products to ensure your next project has beautiful, lasting, natural results.


Sansin Wood Stains


Our Sansin Products:

  • SDF – Provides tough, effective protection for your siding, logs, fencing and more.
  • ENS* – Excellent choice for any surface, provides protection and sheen.
  • Classic 1, 2, 3* – Engineered system to protect log and timber-frame homes.
  • Dec* – Provides superior protection for horizontal surfaces and array of wood species.
  • Foundation* – Penetrating base coat that improves top coat performance.
  • Boracol* – Naturally perfect protection against mold, wood decay, fungi and insects.
  • C-TEC* – The natural choice for fiber-cement siding.
  • FireStop97* – The ultimate flame spread protection in a beautiful interior wood finish. Provides “Class A” flame spread protection that conforms to ASTM E84 and Canadian Standard CAN/ULC S-102-m88.
  • Purity Stain* – A zero-VOC, one-coat penetrating stain for wood interiors. Easy to apply with no streaking or lapping. Offers superior uniform color, fast drying and easy soap and water clean-up
  • Purity clear* – A high build, brilliant, two-coat interior clear finish for wood windows, walls, furnitures and other wood surfaces. Available in Flat, Satin and gloss. Low in VOCs, environmentally-friendly, easy soap and water clean-up.
  • Purity Floor* – Gymnasium grade modified waterborne urethane finish that is easy to apply, durable, chemical and scratch resistant. Penetrating ultra clear formulation, superior beauty and durability
  • Purity Glacier* – A crystal-clear, two-coat finish for high-wear interior surfaces such as cabinetry, walls, doors, windows and furnitures. Low in VOCs, environmentally-Friendly, easy soap and water clean-up. Available in Flat, Satin and Gloss formulations.
  • PresurePlus* – 1 step natural wood treatment for all types of pressure treated lumber; available in natural and weathered wood tones. Engineered to improve the dimensional stability and overall performance of pressure treated wood.
  • cleaners and sealers*
  • *These products have limited in stock quantities and may need to be special ordered. Please contact our store for details.

Ready Seal® Professional Wood Stain

Ready Seal is a one-step wood stain and sealer. All Ready Seal wood stains are formulated to add color and seal the wood from moisture in one step. Combining stain and sealer eliminates extra costs, saves time during application, and still produces a high-end quality finish.

Benefits of Ready Seal Stain & Sealer

  • One-step application saves time, but gives a high-end finish.
  • Moisturizes the wood with water-proofing oils.
  • Stain flexes and will never crack, chip, flake, or peel.
  • You never have to back brush, even if you’re spraying.

Sikkens Exterior Wood Stains & Coatings

For protection and beautification of your deck, siding or log home, Sikkens has the superior quality coatings that are right for the job. Sikkens coatings provide maximum protection with an outstanding finish to enhance the natural appearance of exterior wood.

Sikkens coatings provide maximum protection with an outstanding finish to enhance the natural appearance of exterior wood. Products are oil based

  • Cetol SRD is a one-coat, translucent exterior wood finish created for use on a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Cetol DEK Finish is a high performance, translucent satin finish for exterior decks.
  • Rubbol Solid Stain is a premium, solid color exterior wood stain. Designed for use on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Cetol Log & Siding is a high-performance translucent satin finish for exterior vertical wood surfaces.
  • Cetol Door & Window is a high-performance finish for specialty applications such as exterior doors and windows.

Zar® Interior Wood Stains

ZAR Wood Stains are formulated to meet the high standards and time constraints of the most demanding professionals. These products are so easy to use that do-it-yourselfers can enjoy professional results the very first time. ZAR Oil-Based Wood Stain wipes on like furniture polish to stain and seal in one quick, easy application. It gives wood a natural range of color and enhances the wood grain. ZAR’s “Controlled Penetration” assures a uniform color tone without streaks or lap marks.

Still not sure?

In-store color consultations are available by appointment. Contact us today! We are happy to assist you to find the right product for your project.