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Have a question? Check out our frequently asked questions below to see if we can answer it for you!
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Can someone assist me with color selections in my home?
Yes, our designers do in-home appointments to help with color selections. An hourly consult fee will apply.
Does Grauer’s offer window treatment installation?
Yes, this hassle-free service is available to make your window treatment installation seamless.
How long does it take for my custom treatments to be ready for install?
It depends upon the treatment type and fabric selections. It takes time for your custom order to be completed. Often times custom treatments are ready for installation in as little as a few weeks.
Does Grauer’s measure for window treatments?
Yes, our window treatment specialist will meet you in the comfort of your home or office to take measurements and provide a complimentary, worry-free, no obligation quote.
How much do window treatments cost?
After the style, fabric selection and size of the window have been determined, we are able to give exact pricing. We carry a variety of window treatments to fit any budget.
Does Grauer’s design custom window treatments?
Yes, our window treatment specialists are here to help you find and design the perfect treatments for your space. We offer a wide variety of products from valances and side panels to pillows and bedding to custom fabrics and accessories. Talk with a specialist to determine the best next steps for your decorating needs.
Does Grauer’s carry Hunter Douglas products?
Yes, each of our stores has an inspiration gallery of working Hunter Douglas displays for you to touch and feel. You can view styles options, fabrics, and operating mechanisms. Talk with a window treatment specialist to determine the best product for your space.
Does Grauer’s stock wallpaper?
Due to the wide range of wallpaper selections, wallpaper is specially ordered for you and typically arrives in as little as 3 business days.
Can Grauer’s recommend painters?
Yes, we recommend several painters that we know to be knowledgeable and professional. From there, you are welcome to decide who would best fit your needs.
Is Grauer’s family owned and operated?
Yes. As a local business, we strive to go above and beyond for our customers.
How often should I stain my deck?
Decks should typically be restained every 1- 2 years based upon a yearly inspection to ensure wood is properly sealed and protected. Life expectancies for exterior stains will range on opacity, quality of product, and amount of direct sunlight.
Does Grauer’s carry wood stains?
Yes, we stock a range of interior and exterior stains and polyurethanes. Our wood stain product lines include Benjamin Moore, Zar, Sansin and Minwax.
Is oil paint still available?
Yes, it is available for specialty uses.
Do you have an in-store designer to assist with color selections?
Our color specialists are here to help. They are available to meet for a complimentary in-store color consultation. Call our store to schedule an in-store appointment or stop by at your convenience.
Do I need to prep before painting?
There are a lot of variables when it comes to preparing areas for painting. In most cases the prepwork (ex. sanding, caulking, patching, etc.) provides the best finished results by allowing the primer and paint to adhere and allows for a smooth finish coat. Talk with our paint specialists to determine the right steps for your project.
Can Grauer’s match an existing paint or stain color?
One of our specialties is matching paints and stains. Our paint specialists take their time to make sure your color comes out just right. We can match quarter- sized samples or larger of fabrics, pieces of a previously painted surface, wood stains or any other color you might be trying to match.
Can I sample the paint color?
Yes, pint sized paint samples are available to test your colors. This is a great option if you are unsure of your color choice or deciding between a few color options.
How much paint is needed for my project?
Typically a gallon covers 350 – 400 square feet. Calculate the square footage for your space by using length x width. Be sure to subtract any openings such as doors and windows. An online paint calculator may be helpful. If additional assistance is needed, Grauer’s staff are happy to help.
How much does a gallon of paint cost?
Grauer’s is competitive in pricing and stocks a wide range of products to fit any budget. Keep in mind that the cost of paint is small in comparison to the cost of labor. Quality paint goes farther and covers better which equates to less labor.
What sheen is recommended for my interior walls and trim?
Typically our customers choose matte or eggshell sheen for walls and satin or semi gloss sheen for trim. This is a personal preference with no right or wrong choice.
What does the term “sheen” or “finish” mean?
These terms refer to the shine of the paint after it dries. Typically paint with lower sheens are more forgiving of imperfections while higher sheens provide more durability and washability.
What are the differences between the Benjamin Moore product lines?
Each product offers unique benefits. Some lines are best for durability and better coverage in less coats while others are best used for moisture resistance and scuff resistance. There are product lines for interior and exterior painting. When ordering your product, talk with a specialist if you would like advice on the best product for your project.
What brand of paint does Grauer’s carry?
Grauer’s carries and stocks the full line of Benjamin Moore Paints including Aura, Regal Select, Ben, Ultra Spec, Rustscat, and Coronado. We carry other lines of paint too including Old Village, Modern Masters and other product lines.
Can I paint my walls after removing wallpaper?
Yes, but ensure all the wallpaper paste has been removed. A good test to make sure all wallpaper paste has been removed is to wet your hand with water and wipe it across the wall. If your hand glides/ slips across the wall, more paste needs removed. You can also determine if there is paste still on the wall if the wall feels rough to the touch when it is dry. If needed, Grauer’s stocks products and tools to make wallpaper removal easier.
Can I paint my kitchen cabinets?
Yes, this is a popular way to get a new kitchen look at an affordable cost. Grauer’s has the right tools and products to make this project a success. When painting your cabinets, be sure to have an excellent adhering primer and a durable paint to give you the best results. Talk with our paint specialists to determine the right steps and products for your project.
If my product says paint and primer in one, do I need to prime?
It depends on what you are painting. Often times new wood, new surfaces, oil to latex, rust, stains, crayon or marker marks, smoke damage, odors and discolored areas will require a specialty primer other than a paint and primer in one product.
Do I need to prime before painting?
The need to prime depends on the surface being painted and the paint products being used. Often times new wood, new surfaces, oil to latex, rust, stains, crayon or marker marks, smoke damage, odors and discolored areas will require a primer not just a paint and primer in one product. To determine if a primer is needed for your specific project, talk with our experts who are happy to help answer your questions.