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A paint that looks great morning, noon and night

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the right color for your space. According to Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore Color and Design Expert, lighting is one of the most important. Here, she shares tips for finding a color that will look great at any time of day.

1. Assess lighting “Light has the incredible ability to play tricks on us, often changing the way we see a color and the mood it creates,” explains Grech. “This is why it can be so challenging to find the right paint color for a room. We have to consider lighting on so many levels, from the type of lighting, both natural and artificial, to the direction the sunlight is travelling, to the time of day.” She recommends deep, rich colors like Shadow 2117-30, Guacamole 2144-10, Gentlemen’s Gray 2062-20 and Dinner Party AF-300. “What I love about these bold colors is that their dimension and depth are really brought to life with light.”

2. Trial run The most effective and budget-friendly way to choose your paint is to test out the color before committing. Go to your local retailer and purchase a sample pot. “Testing and enjoying the color in your space over a few days will allow you to see how the color evolves and adjusts to lighting throughout the day,” says Grech. “Morning light casts blue undertones while evening light is warmer, more red. It is important to look at colors at different times throughout the day as it may have a significant impact on the undertone of your chosen color.”

3. Finish with a lasting impression Just like choosing paint colors, there are several options when it comes to finishes. Grech says the higher the sheen, the more glare there will be from the lighting source. This can be a bonus if you want light to reflect around a room and bring a dark color to life. On the contrary, a flat or matte paint finish will have no reflection and can appear darker. For more sheen on walls, Grech recommends satin or eggshell finishes. For less sheen, look for a flat or matte finish in the Aura® line.

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